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What Is Root Canal Treatment

You may have heard of the term root canal treatment before, but you may not realize that it is a rather simple dental procedure that can save teeth that otherwise would need to be extracted. Root canals are not painful to have done, but they will relieve the pain caused by an abscessed tooth.

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Symptoms Of An Abscessed Tooth

Having an abscessed tooth can cause a great deal of pain when chewing or consuming hot foods and drinks and may even keep you up at night. Alternatively, you may not have pain but may develop a gum boil or a pimple on the gum above the tooth. This is where the infection drains from, relieving the pressure that would otherwise cause pain. If you have had a trauma to a front tooth and are noticing the tooth darkening or turning gray, this is also a sign of an abscess. Once a tooth is abscessed, there are two options; removing the tooth or the preferable option of root canal treatment.

Why Choose Root Canal Vs. Tooth Extraction

Having missing teeth can come with a great number of problems. This can include shifting teeth, jaw pain and difficulty with chewing and speaking. Natural teeth are valuable, and if possible they should be saved, rather than having them extracted and needing replacement in the future. When the infection is active, you may be prescribed antibiotics to clear it up. This is only a short-term solution, and the infection will return if the offending tooth is not treated.

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Root Canal Treatment Process

First, the dentist will determine which tooth is infected by taking radiographs and testing your teeth in various ways. Once identified the dentist can treat the tooth. Having a root canal treatment is similar to having a filling done, only the dentist will also clean out the infected pulp and seal the tooth so that the infection clears up. After having a root canal treatment, getting a dental crown is often recommended. This will help preserve the strength and ensure the longest lifespan of the tooth.

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