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Who Needs Sedation Dentistry

It is not uncommon for people to have some level of anxiety when anticipating a visit to a dental office. For some, this anxiety or phobia is very intense, and may even stop someone from visiting a dental office for many years. After a certain amount of time, it can be a combination of fear and embarrassment that may hold someone back from receiving dental treatment. We can assure you this is a non-judgemental and safe place, no matter how long it has been since you received dental care.

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Sedation Options

We understand these fears and want to create a compassionate, and safe environment where you can feel comfortable receiving dental treatment. For some, this means having some level of sedation to allow you to feel comfortable and secure.

There are different levels of sedation, and we can consult with you to find which option would best suit your needs. One option is an oral sedative, a prescription medication that you would take before your appointment that will help you to relax. You will still be awake but feel at ease; some people describe it as “taking the edge off.”

We also offer nitrous oxide sedation, also commonly known as “laughing gas.” This gas is delivered through a mask worn over your nose and has rapid calming and pain relieving effects but also a rapid recovery time. You will feel relaxed and calm during your appointment, but you will have no lasting effects from this drug. Nitrous oxide is helpful for those with mild to moderate anxiety and is also safe for younger children who might not usually tolerate dental treatment.

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Those who avoid dental treatment because of anxiety may run into issues that require more complicated procedures. Regular dental visits will help you to prevent major problems. You deserve a smile you feel good about, and a life free from dental pain.

If your fears are holding you back from seeking dental treatment, please reach out to us to discuss how we can help.

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